We create and publish learning content for technology professionals across a wide range of domains and topic areas

Through our partnerships we curate our library of multimodal content into world class learning experiences.

Academic Partnerships

For over a decade Packt have published resources that allow technical FTE’s to stay at the forefront of technology, with over 7,000 books, videos and courses available. We cover thousands of tools, languages and concepts to help institutions stay relevant through the age of digital disruption – in turn helping your students to master the skills needed to enter the workforce.

For our book format we are able to offer the full Packt database and collections through campus licences with institution level functionality. A range of access options are available.


All our titles are hands on and practical, giving students the chance to build their practical skills that are directly relateable to the workplace.


By partnering with academic aggregators we can bring Packt titles to your library, helping you to offer the latest programming and coding training.

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